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Puritan Colonists

A comprehensive illustrated guide to American History Sitemap. Containing fast access  to articles containing facts and information about early American History and Colonial America. Learn about US history via this American History Sitemap including:

  • The founding of the 13 Colonies in American History Sitemap
  • New England, Middle and Southern Colonies
  • Religion in American History Sitemap including the Pilgrims and the Puritans
  • Trade in America
  • Slavery in America
  • The History of the Government in America
  • The tax laws that lead to insurrection and rebellion in American History

History of the first 13 Colonies and how they became the United States

The colonization of America and the fascinating events that led colonists and patriots down the Road to Revolution

American History Sitemap: 1607 - 1776
Learn about American History via this useful Sitemap with access to simple, clear and easy to read articles that all have interesting illustrations, pictures and maps. This website covers American History from the Discovery of America and the early explorers and American History covering Colonial America from 1607 - 1776 including the Mayflower, Pilgrim Fathers, 13 Colonies, Indentured servants, Black American Slavery in American History Sitemap, Colonial taxes leading to the American Revolutionary War, the Sons of Liberty & the Boston Tea Party. For an individual Sitemap for each section detailing all the articles available on specific subjects click one of the following links:

Colonial America
Explorers & Discovery of America The Pilgrims & the Mayflower The First 13 Colonies
Religious Beliefs & Religions Taxation in the Colonies The Revolutionary War & Battles
Important Original Documents Life in Colonial Times Colonization, Trade & Colonialism
Revolutionary War & Battles Congress & Government Famous Colonists & Patriots
  Colonial America Index  

  If you want to know what happened next, check out American Historama - United States History.

American History Sitemap

Major Events in American History

American Timeline
Revolutionary Timeline
Revolutionary War Timeline
The American War for Independence
Revolutionary Battles
Give me Liberty
Mayflower Voyage
Starving Time
The Great Migration
Salem Witchcraft Trials
The Glorious Revolution

Bacon's Rebellion
Great Awakening
1763 Peace Treaty of Paris
The Boston Massacre
Boston Massacre Facts
The Sons of Liberty
The Gaspee Affair
60 Facts about the Boston Tea Party
Boston Tea Party
The Stamp Tax
Stamp Act Text and Words
The Reaction to the Stamp Act

Who Signed the Declaration of Independence?
50 Facts about the Declaration of Independence
1783 Peace Treaty of Paris
Colonies to States
State Land Claims
State Constitutions
Articles of Confederation
Northwest Ordinance 1787

Famous People in Early American History

Captain John Smith
Sir Thomas Dale
John Rolfe and Pocahontas

William Bradford
John Carver
Myles Standish
John Winthrop
Roger Williams
Anne Hutchinson
William Penn
Peter Minuit
Peter Stuyvesant
George Calvert
Thomas Hooker
James Oglethorpe
John Mason
Lords Proprietors
George Washington
Facts about John Adams
Samuel Adams Facts and Bio
Benjamin Franklin
Thomas Hutchinson Biography
Alexander Hamilton
John Jay
Thomas Jefferson

James Otis
Crispus Attucks Facts and Bio
The Life of John Hancock
Analysis of Signature of John Hancock
Paul Revere Facts

Biography of Patrick Henry
Timeline for Patrick Henry
Thomas Gage

American History of Early Explorers

America, the New World
Colonization of America
Discovery of America
Exploration of America
13 American Colonies
The French in America
The Spanish in America
Ferdinand Magellan
Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
Christopher Columbus
Vasco de Balboa
Giovanni da Verrazzano
Amerigo Vespucci
Hernando de Soto
Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo
Hernando Cortes
Ponce de Leon
Sir John Hawkins
Jacques Cartier
Leif Ericson
John Cabot
Jean Ribault
Sir Walter Raleigh

Charter to Sir Walter Raleigh
Henry Hudson
Sir Francis Drake
Samuel de Champlain

American History about the Mayflower Ship & the Pilgrims

The Mayflower Compact
Mayflower Voyage
Mayflower Passenger List
Text and Words of the Mayflower Compact
Pilgrim and Puritan

The Pilgrim Fathers
The Mayflower Ship

William Bradford
John Carver
Plymouth Colony

American History of Colonial Times

Colonial America Time Period 1607 - 1776
Maps of Colonial America
The Backcountry
Colonial Times

Colonial Society
Colonial Education
Colonial Women
Colonial Houses
Colonial Life
Colonial Food
Colonial Trades and Occupations
Colonial Clothing
Religion in the Colonies
Slave Plantations
Tobacco, Cotton, Rice, Sugar and Indigo Plantations
Sugar Plantations
Plantation Farming
Cotton Plantations

American History of Colonial Trade

Colonial Trades and Occupations
Trade in the Colonies
Salutary Neglect
Triangular Trade
Lords Proprietors
13 Colonies - Names, Order, New England, Middle and Southern Colonies
Thirteen Colonies - Founding, Trade, Government & Religion
Colonial, Continental and Revolutionary Currency

Revolutionary Battles

Causes of the American Revolutionary War
The Road to Revolution
The American War for Independence
The Continental Army
Revolutionary Battles
Revolutionary War Timeline

Facts about the Revolutionary War
American Revolutionary Soldiers
Weapons of the Revolutionary War

The Hessians
Revolutionaries - Leaders and Military Commanders
Battle of Lexington
Battle of Concord
Siege of Boston
Battle of Fort Ticonderoga

Battle of Chelsea Creek
The Battle of Bunker Hill
The Battle of Quebec
The Battle of Sullivan's Island
The Battle of Long Island
The Battle of White Plains
The Battle of Fort Washington
The Battle of Trenton
The Battle of Princeton
The Battle of Oriskany
The Battle of Bennington
The Battle of Brandywine
The Battles of Saratoga
The Battle of Germantown
The Battle of Monmouth
The Siege of Savannah
The Siege of Charleston
The Battle of Camden
The Battle of King's Mountain
The Battle of Cowpens
Battle of Guilford Courthouse
The Battle of Eutaw Springs
The Battle of Yorktown
1783 Peace Treaty of Paris

American History of the 13 Colonies

Facts about the 13 Colonies
13 Colonies List
13 Colonies Timeline
13 Colonies Chart

Charter Colonies
New England Colonies
Middle Colonies
Southern Colonies
Plymouth Colony
Rhode Island Colony
Delaware Colony
Maryland Colony
Connecticut Colony
Pennsylvania Colony
Virginia Colony
Massachusetts Colony
New York Colony
North Carolina Colony
New Hampshire Colony
New Jersey Colony
South Carolina Colony
Georgia Colony
Charter of Carolina

13 Colonies - Names, Order, New England, Middle and Southern Colonies
Thirteen Colonies - Founding, Trade, Government & Religion
The Original Thirteen Colonies - Survival, Expansion, Conflict and Rebellion

Colonies to States
Lords Proprietors
Proprietary Colonies
Charter Colonies
Royal Colonies
North Colonies
13 American Colonies
Colonial Massachusetts
Colonial Connecticut
Colonial Rhode Island
Colonial New Hampshire

American History of Taxes in the Colonies

Taxes in the Colonies
Salutary Neglect
Triangular Trade
Sugar Act and the Stamp Act

1651,1660 & 1663 Navigation Acts
1689 Mutiny Act
1689 English Bill of Rights
1699 Wool Act of 1699
1732 Debt Recovery Act
1732 Hat Act
1750 Iron Act
Proclamation of 1763
1764 Sugar Act
1764 Currency Act
1765 & 1774 Quartering Act
1766 Declaratory Act
1765 Stamp Act
1767 Townshend Acts

Revenue Act -  Townshend Act of 1767
Indemnity Act  - Townshend Act of 1767
Commissioners of Customs Act - Townshend Act of 1767
Vice Admiralty Court Act  - Townshend Act of 1767
New York Restraining Act  - Townshend Act of 1767

1773 Tea Act
1774 Coercive Intolerable Acts
1774 Massachusetts Government Act - Intolerable Act
1774 Boston Port Act - Intolerable Act
1774 Administration Justice Act - Intolerable Act
1774 Quartering Act - Intolerable Act
1774 - Quebec Act - Intolerable Act

Colonial Government and Congress

Charter of Virginia
Colonial Government
The Mayflower Compact
Stamp Act Congress
House of Burgesses
Committee of Correspondence
Nonimportation Agreements
Continental Association
Continental Presidents
Continental Congress

Writs of Assistance
Colonies to States
State Land Claims
State Constitutions
Articles of Confederation
Northwest Ordinance 1787
Charter Colonies
Proprietary Colonies

British Acts and Documents in the Colonies - The Original Text & Words...

Declaration of Independence Text and Words
Text and Words of the Mayflower Compact
Charter of Virginia Text and Words
1663 Charter of Carolina Text
Memorable Providences, Relating to Witchcrafts and Possessions
Declaration of the People
Royal Proclamation of 1763
Original Words of the Sugar Act
Words of the Royal Proclamation of 1763
Currency Act of 1751 Text and Words
Currency Act of 1764 Text and Words
The Quartering Act of 1765 Text and Words
The Quartering Act of 1774 Text and Words
Original words of the Wool Act of 1699
Stamp Act 1765 Text and Words
1766 Declaratory Act Words
Townshend Revenue Act of 1767 Text and Words
Tea Act of 1773 Text and Words
Declaration of Rights and Grievances
Declaration on the Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms
Original words of the Give me Liberty or Give me Death Speech by Patrick Henry
The Horrid Massacre Text and Words
Continental Association - Articles of Association
1774 Quartering Act text and words
1774 Boston Port Act text and words
1774 Administration of Justice Act text and words
1774 Quebec Act text and words
1774 Massachusetts Government Act text and words
Text of the James Otis Speech Against the Writs of Assistance
Northwest Ordinance 1787 Text and Words

The History of American History Sitemap

The American History Sitemap
This American History Sitemap is a guide to the content of this website providing comprehensive details of the facts and information available about American History and society and culture of the early Americans of Colonial America. Interesting facts and information about early American History of via this American History sitemap. This page can be used like an index to an early American History Encyclopaedia, starting with the discovery of America and its famous explorers. Colonial America Times, Customs, Culture and People! This American History sitemap provides links to the history and provides facts and information about life and times during Colonial America. Every section on the American History Sitemap will provide a greater insight into the major events that impacted the lives of the Colonial Americans and can be used as an online Encyclopaedia. The facts and information provided via the American History Sitemap will provide a comprehensive early American history Encyclopaedia or database for visitors interested in learning more about this era...

Declaration of Independence

American History Sitemap covering major events up to the Declaration of Independence

American History Sitemap

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