John Cabot Facts

Departure of John Cabot from Bristol

Departure of John Cabot from Bristol

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Facts about John Cabot
The following Fact File contains fast information about the life of John Cabot. Interesting facts and an overview and description of the life and times and his involvement in the Exploration and the discovery of the New World leading to the colonization of America.

Facts about John Cabot

John Cabot Fact 1Why was John Cabot famous and what part of America did he explore? John Cabot sailed from Bristol, England, he crossed the North Atlantic and reached the coast of America north of Nova Scotia.  
John Cabot Fact 2Like Christopher Columbus, John Cabot thought North America was China. He claimed the land for England
John Cabot Fact 3He explored the coastline of Canada the colonization of Canada followed
John Cabot Fact 4Cabot was the second European to find North America (after Christopher Columbus)
John Cabot Fact 5When was John Cabot born? He was born c. 1450
John Cabot Fact 6What was his country of origin and where was he born? He was born in Italy but he moved to England and made explorations on behalf of the English King
John Cabot Fact 7His Italian name was Giovanni Caboto - the Italian word ‘Caboto’ means “a coastal seaman”. This name was often given to sailors and navigators
John Cabot Fact 8He had three sons, Ludovico, Sebastiano, and Sancto
John Cabot Fact 9His son, Sebastian Cabot became famous for searching for the Northwest passage across North America, attempting to circumnavigate the world and expeditions to Russia
John Cabot Fact 10John Cabot came from a wealthy merchant family trading in spices

Facts about John Cabot for Kids

The Matthew

The Matthew

Facts about John Cabot
This article contains a short biography in a fact file format in date order. Fast facts and information about the life of John Cabot. Who was John Cabot and why was he famous? When did he explore the New World of America? Which area of America did he explore? Read the fact file that provides fast access to interesting facts for kids about the life of this famous explorer and his place in the history of America.

Facts about John Cabot

John Cabot Fact 11His education included learning about cartography, navigation, astronomy, mathematics and seamanship
John Cabot Fact 12In 1492 Christopher Columbus discovered America, the New World, and at the same time John Cabot moved to Bristol in England
John Cabot Fact 13John Cabot received the patronage of the King Henry VII who granted him the right to 'seek islands and countries of the heathen towards the west, east, and north' sailing under the English flag
John Cabot Fact 14John Cabot hired a crew to sail his small ship that was called the Matthew
John Cabot Fact 15On May 2, 1497 John Cabot embarked on his ship, the Matthew, to explore the lands across the Atlantic Ocean
John Cabot Fact 16John Cabot was hoping to find a north west passage to the Indies and China
John Cabot Fact 17On June 9, 1497 John Cabot reached the New World.
John Cabot Fact 18The landing place is disputed as either being Cape Breton Island or Labrador
John Cabot Fact 19John Cabot and his crew of the Matthew landed the ship in Bristol in August 1497 to great acclaim
John Cabot Fact 20He was given a gift of £10 for having "found the new isle."
John Cabot Fact 21He was granted another patent to undertake a second expedition. 
John Cabot Fact 22John Cabot assembled a small fleet of five ships and 300 men which eventually sailed along the east coast of America past Newfoundland
John Cabot Fact 23He set sail on his second expedition on July 25 1498
John Cabot Fact 24John Cabot crossed the Davis Strait on to Baffin Land on to Newfoundland
John Cabot Fact 25He then followed the coast Nova Scotia and New England
John Cabot Fact 26John Cabot returned to England and died shortly after c. 1499

Facts about John Cabot for Kids

John Cabot Facts for kids
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