Jean Ribault Facts

Ribault Massacre at Fort Caroline, Florida

Ribault Massacre at Fort Caroline, Florida

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Facts about Jean Ribault
The following Fact File contains fast information about the life of Jean Ribault. Interesting facts and an overview and description of the life and times and his involvement in the Exploration and the discovery of the New World leading to the colonization of America. Refer to the French in America for more info.

Facts about Jean Ribault

Jean Ribault Fact 1Why was Jean Ribault famous and what part of America did he explore?  Jean Ribault explored the Carolina coasts and became a colonizer of what would become Florida in the southeastern United States. The conflict between Jean Ribault and the Spanish was known as the Florida Massacre.

Jean Ribault

Jean Ribault Fact 2When was Jean Ribault born? He was born c.1520
Jean Ribault Fact 3What was his country of origin and where was Jean Ribault born? He was born in Dieppe in France
Jean Ribault Fact 4Dieppe was an extremely important Renaissance port in which the greatest French seamen, navigators and map makers (cartographers) were based. Dieppe was the home to other famous explorers such as Giovanni da Verrazzano, Samuel de Champlain and Jacques Cartier
Jean Ribault Fact 5Jean Ribault was raised in the bustling port and joined the French navy under the command of the great Huguenot admiral Gaspard de Coligny. Jean Ribault was also a Huguenot.
Jean Ribault Fact 6There were violent conflicts about religion in the 1500's, the majority clung to the old Catholic faith. The Huguenots were French Protestants, and hated by the Catholics.
Jean Ribault Fact 7Gaspard de Coligny secretly worked on protecting his fellow Huguenots by attempting to establish colonies in the New World in which Huguenots could find a refuge
Jean Ribault Fact 8Admiral Gaspard de Coligny chose Jean Ribault to lead an expedition to the New World to found a colony. 
Jean Ribault Fact 9February 18, 1562: Jean Ribault left Le Havre in France the leader of 2 ships carrying 150 Huguenot soldiers bound for the New World and Florida
Jean Ribault Fact 10May 1, 1562: Jean Ribault enters the St. Johns River near modern Jacksonville, Florida and erects a stone column claiming the territory for France
Jean Ribault Fact 11The French expedition sail to the north until they arrive at Port Royal Sound in present-day South Carolina
Jean Ribault Fact 12Jean Ribault establishes a small settlement on Parris Island, one of the Islands off the South Carolina coast
Jean Ribault Fact 13They build a small fort at the settlement on Parris Island. The outpost is called Charlesfort in honor of the French King Charles IX.
Jean Ribault Fact 14June 11, 1562: Jean Ribault leaves 27 men at Charlesfort, gentlemen, soldiers, and mariners, and returns to France for supplies and settlers for the colony. Charlesfort is later abandoned and the men return to France.
Jean Ribault Fact 15Jean Ribault returns to find the French Wars of Religion had broken out between the Roman Catholic majority and the Protestant Huguenots. He helps the Huguenots in Dieppe but is forced to flee to England